11 October 2010

Clean & Green

Unless you were out of the country you should know that I made a second appearance on Four Live last Thursday.

If you missed it you can catch up here (available until 28th October).  Unfortunately it is unavailable outside of Ireland.  Sorry !!

However you can get all the tips I referred to on their site here.

Here are the main recipes I referred to:

All purpose cleaner

1 ¼ cups white vinegar
1 ¼ cups water
spray bottle or jar

Pour vinegar and water into the spray bottle.
Shake gently to combine.
To use, spray on and wipe off.

Furniture polish

1 cup vegetable oil
½ cup lemon juice
Spray bottle of jar

Pour oil and lemon juice into a bottle or jar. Stir to combine.
To use, just dip a cloth or rag into the bottle and blot onto furniture.
Use a dry cloth to give it a shine

Shoe polish

Mix a small amount of olive oil and lemon juice in an egg cup.
Use a soft cloth (old t-shirt cut up) to apply.
Rub into the leather and then use a clean cloth to buff it up.

I also talked about using tomato sauce to shine your brass and using baking soda and water mixed to a paste for cleaning tea stained cups.

Catherine Fulvio was on the show too.  I can honestly say she is as lovely off screen as she appears on.  She has a great cookery show on Fridays, Catherine's Roman Holiday, and she also runs this cookery school.  

I got a pic back stage with her and Maura (the presenter) after the show.

Fingers crossed I get asked back as I have a gazillion ideas for the show.  Watch this space.  Thank you so much for all the emails and messages both  before and after, they really meant a lot!  M x


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