13 October 2010

Fancy coming for a bike ride?

Well come on so ...

Grab your bike and let's go!

We'll head up the borreen

and then take a right

ignore the nosey neighbours 

but check out the sky on the right!

Admire the  lovely hedgerows

as we cycle by

say hello to all the horsies

and then a quick good bye.

We need to hurry up now
because it's getting a little chilly

the fog is coming down
and there's no time to willy nilly

 The sky is getting darker and it's getting a little eery!

Not to mention my legs, which are feeling a little weary :O)

Night night!

Well that's my exercise for the evening.  Actually it's more a method of clearing my head and having 20 minutes to myself.  What do you do to get away from it all?


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