11 September 2010

Autumn Wardrobe

I have to say this is my favourite time of year clothes-wise.  I just LOVE all the autumn colours, the winter woolies - especially cashmere, the chunky socks and boots and I get to wear my numerous hats and scarves.

I've already purchased a few items ...

This gorgeous top from Debenhams - it's on sale now, I totally recommend it.  It's the softest cotton and sooooo comfortable !!

The picture on the site doesn't do it justice.  Here's a pic of me wearing it ... today, not that I'm saying that's any better :o)

These fab boots, also from Debenhams ...

I also got a gorgeous prairie skirt in the Dorothy Perkins Sale which looks fab with the boots (if I say so myself).  Can't find a pic at the mo though.

I'm lusting after these too ...

Trinny & Susannah would be balking at me wearing this jumper but I think it's gorgeous.  It's from one of my fav shops, Joules.
Of course as it's autumn one needs wellies ... and one really wants these wellies !!

This skirt is super cute too. 
Right, I'm off to pack away my summer clothes and get ready for autumn.  I'm pretty sure I have a denim skirt in there somewhere ... of course it will fit ... hmmm maybe I should go for a walk first and perhaps leave that chocolate biscuit back ... oh but not the hot chocolate ... a little of what you fancy is ok, right girls?

Hope you're all having a lovely weekend :o)


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