31 May 2010

Sewing Sessions

Since Sunday I have been on a bit of a marathon sewing session.

It started with a simple curtain to hide the washing machine in my new kitchen (I've got a whole bunch of photos of it finally finished, will post them soon, promise!).

Then I finally made proper curtains for the kitchen.  

The polka dot fabric is from Laura Ashley.
I was disappointed when I bought it as it was so light so it got thrown in the cupboard but in the end it's worked out perfect as I wanted something light for the summer. 

The top part (the white bit) is a bit of an old duvet, yes seriously!

The 'bobbles' were ripped off a scarf I bought for one euro in Penneys. 
How thrifty is that?  Love it :o)


Today I made a dress and revamped a cardi.  Will post pics later in the week.What did you get up to over the weekend???


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