18 March 2010

Not enough hours

It's all go this week. I spent my entire St Patrick's Day working on project books for college.  I can't complain though as it was fun ... well the first few hours, the last few with backache, headache and toothache not so much.  It will all be worth it though, won't it?  Please say it will !!!

Here's a few things I've been working on at college.

My first attempt at a coil pot ... hmm not so great is it?  
The heart shaped tiles are to test out glazes, that's why they're numbered. 

My second attempt at coil building, getting a little better, a little.

This is my first (of many!!!) sketch/idea for wood block printing.  I love my crayola twistables ... no wonder everyone at college thinks I'm childish - I'm always drawing hearts and chickens with crayons!

Here's the first colour being printed ...

I know, it looks 'wrong' but trust me, 
it's supposed to look like this (she says totally unconvinced herself)  

There's a few more layers to be printed on top.  Fingers crossed it will all work out.  God it's such a long process though.  Now I totally understand why some wallpapers are so expensive!!

Right - gotta go!  
A Make Do & Mend class to teach shortly 
then a meeting to get to and college tomorrow. 


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