21 March 2010

A little me time

Sometimes it all just gets on top of you
and all you want to do is cry
but when I start to feel this way
I go and get my hair dyed.

Ok, ok, I'll never be a poet :o) 

They do say a change is as good as a rest so I decided to have my hair done. 
I could still do with a rest but I do feel a little brighter.

Ta da!
Feeling rather silly taking a photo of myself!

However it's a good time to show you my cardi makeover too. 
I took all the original navy buttons off and replaced them with some ducks, hearts and multi coloured flower buttons that I've been collecting. 
I found the necklace in a suitcase during one of my trash bag tangos and it goes perfectly with the cardi :o)

I recommend a little more me time to everyone.

If you can't get out to have your hair done there's always coffee, cake and Country Living :o) 

 Hope you're all having a lovely weekend!

 Michelle x


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