18 February 2010

kitchen chaos

The love of my life has finally arrived ...

And the story continues.  Why I ever thought the old one would be out and the new one in in a day I have no idea!?!  Clearly I have been reading far too many 'positive thinking' books. 

Tuesday evening the old kitchen sink was dismantled and removed.  Wednesday was spent sketching layouts and moving furniture and wondering why on earth I have so many cups, bowls, cake stands etc etc  Wednesday evening the plumber came back and there was lots of hmmmms and silences ... which ended up with "I need to get a drill" and "I'll be back".  Today ... I'm waiting ... patiently for a carpenter to put the cupboards up (below) and the plumber to return ... with the drill.  Meanwhile my house is in chaos!!

(just to explain - this picture is upside down on purpose, it's how the cupboards will hang on the wall)

Luckily I have plenty to keep me busy, as if organising the chaos in my kitchen isn't enough.  I popped into Aldi this morning and got this gorgeous wool, I just adore the colours!  No idea what I'm going to do with it but I had to have it. 

I also got these fabulous cath kidston'esque napkins!  I think I'm going to go back for more.  They were only 1.39 (euros).  Aren't they adorable?



Finally I stocked up on Country Living, Country Homes & Interiors and Homes & Antiques magazines so I'm hoping to have a quiet moment later to get lost in them. 

Meanwhile Ruby is checking out the new kitchen units ...


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