16 February 2010

I've fallen in love

Well not really fallen ... 

I  had always been in love,

it's just that, up until now I had never found the right one

I had seen so many but there was always something just not quite right, wrong height, wrong colour, wrong time ...

This time however, it was love at first sight

The fact that it happened over Valentines weekend was even better.

The minute I saw you I knew you were the one, the right shape, the right colour, the right size, a bit rough and rugged around the edges, strong and reliable. 
I had been let down before so I didn't jump in straight away.  I walked away from you and decided to sleep on it and not rush into things but I could think of nothing else all night.  So, the following day I returned thinking that if you were still there you were meant to be. 

You were still there and I made my move ...

Ok ok ok I'm really milking it now.  

Part of me wishes I was talking about some gorgeous guy that I had fallen for over valentines but alas not.  It's my dream kitchen ...



I'd love to stay and chat but I seriously need to do some sorting out and re-organising now as the plumber is coming tonight to disconnect the existing sink unit and washing machine as my new kitchen arrives ........... tomorrow !!!

I'm sooooooooooooooo excited!  Just as well I'm on mid term break at the mo. 

By the way, the heart wreath above and below was made up for valentines.  All it is is a wire hanger and two stems of fake flowers.  I think I'm going to leave it up as it looks pretty on my door ... even if that door is ugly.  That's my next big purchase - a new front door. I want one of those stable doors which is far more suitable for a cottage.  Only prob is that this one does let in a lot of light which is much needed.  Hmmmm no time to be thinking of that as I have a kitchen to dismantle !!!

 Happy Tuesday everyone xx


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