9 January 2010

Brown paper packages tied up with string

Brown paper packages tied up with string ...
(Ok it didn't have any string but it was in a brown package)
... these are a few of my favourite things

I ordered this book the other day from BookDepository (cheaper than amazon and free shipping !!) and it's already arrived!

If you haven't got it you really have to, it's fabulous!  The recipes are divine (although they do use alarmingly large amounts of sugar!!) and the pictures are equally as fabulous.   If you do buy it, or have it and haven't made anything out of it yet, I suggest you check out this link, especially if you're making muffins. 

I made the blueberry muffins which are just deeeeeelicious!!  If you're making them make sure you use large muffin cases.  I used normal ones and ended up with 26 muffins as opposed to the 12 it's supposed to make.  I'm not complaining though :o)

Meanwhile the snow is still falling and it's bitterly cold so I'm heading back to the fire to my knitting.


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