25 April 2009

The wanderer returns and the chaos continues

He's home safe and sound!
How I wish I had such an easy life. Party all night and sleep all day.

Curled up asleep while I'm turning the kitchen upside down in a state of deliria wondering if I've made enough lavender birds and is it "lavender" or "lavendar"?

However in amongst all that I've finally decided on labels. Well I've narrowed it down to two. (Sorry for the poor picture quality. I took it with my phone. God only knows where my camera is ?)

I've also decided on my tagline.
Apparently one must have a good tagline.

Mine is:

handmade homemade made with love

With the little symbols it looks better, well I think so.

What do you think?

p.s. someone remind me of this next time I mention doing a craft fair :o)


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