2 March 2009

Spring cleaning

I'm afraid I'll be offline for a few days as I'm doing a massive spring clean.

I'm sewing cushions and doorstops, making curtains, sowing seeds, making a vegetable patch, painting my bathroom and STILL sorting out the craft room, which this week, is going to be my friend Sarah's place to sleep so I finally have a solid reason and deadline to get it tidied. That and Janet Clare's pics of orderly calm has totally inspired me.

My head is all over the place as I have sewing, knitting and card making supplies all over the cottage and I really need to get it all sorted. So for that reason and the fact that I'll be spending time with Sarah who is coming to visit, I will not be around for a few days.

I leave you with a pic of my latest make ... my chicken doorstop (I have a tutorial almost complete for this).

Oh I forgot to tell you - my chicken coup arrived!!!

I'm so excited.

Another thing to add to my list - build chicken coup (it came flat packed).

Apparently I need to wait until April to buy my chickens though - sooo excited!
Speak soon
M x


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