16 February 2009

Love is all around

Hope you all had a lovely Valentines Day x

Mine wasn't exactly romantic in a lovey dovey way but I did have a day filled with roses and chocolate and lots of love :o)

I wasn't swept off my feet by prince charming with a dozen velvet red roses, however I did get theses gorgeous pink ones ...

and this fabulous rose print bag

from .............. my lovely mum :o) Thanks mum x

In the afternoon I met up with the girls and we celebrated Emma's birthday with yummy terrys chocolate orange cake (based on a recipe for Birthday cake from Nigella's How to Eat)
It's made with condensed milk melted in a pan with a melted terry's chocolate orange mmmmm and the ganache coating is a carton of cream metled with another terry's chocolate orange D I V I N E!

It didn't last long

Still not content with all that loving I made this pillow ...



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