22 January 2009

The best things in life are free

When I woke up this morning the sun was shining in the window, it was lovely.

I jumped out of bed and went for a long walk, even Randy came - it was lovely.

When I got back I put a wash on and hung it on the line - that was lovely too.

Ok I know I'm getting a bit too optimistic but at the minute we've got to do everything we can as there is so much negativity in the air with all this recession talk.

I've even resorted to printing out some positive quotes, framing them and hanging them up by my front door! Not only are they motivating but they look pretty too and didn't cost me a penny as I used some old clip frames I found whilst tidying up my spare room (yes I'm still tidying that room!).

I'm off to sit by the fire with a good book and a glass of wine .... lovely!


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