12 December 2008

2009 Diary

I've had this idea in my head for ages to cover some of my sketchbooks and albums in some of the fabric I've been collecting for years !! I never seem to have time to do it but as you know I've had a lot of that the last two days.

So here's my first one - my diary for 2009.

This isn't just any old diary. My plan is to keep a diary for "An Teach Ban" (The White House) i.e. my cottage.

Years ago a friend of mine worked in a shop where they kept a diary. At the time I thought it was a bit odd but now I see the quirky side of it. In it they recorded things about the weather, anything big in the news and anything relating to marketing/sales i.e. holidays so I've decided to do something similar.

I'm going to record mostly things relating to my garden - as I plan to get my vegetable garden built this year.

Hopefully there will be something about chickens and eggs .... something else I plan to get in the New Year.

But the idea is basically to have a diary of An Teach Ban and all that happens here in 2009. Let's hope it's full of good things.


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