10 August 2008

Credit Crunch Cards :o)

They do say 'if you can't beat them, join them' so here goes. It seems that every magazine I open, paper I read (ok look at !!), news I hear ... we're all obsessed with the 'credit crunch' so I've decided to get frugal in my cardmaking. Today I thought I'd make some cards from whatever I have around the house as opposed to buying new stuff (ok it's not half as exciting as shopping for new things) but, once they were made I was really chuffed :o) All these cards were made from that one page in a magazine, apart from the lamp shade base that I made from an old brown envelope.

Take a page from a magazine ....

A few blank cards and a couple of craft punches

and voila ....

Gorgeous handmade cards - well they're not bad ... :o)


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