24 March 2008

Morning Walks ...

So here are the daffodils in full bloom that were just budding a couple of weeks ago And here's my pear tree that I planted this very month last year ... fingers crossed I'll get some pears from it. A few weeks ago I planted another one, two apple trees and a plum tree aswell. We've had some mad weather over the last few weeks. One day torrential rain, the next glorious sunshine - so much so that I got my table and chairs out of the shed thinking we were getting an early summer - yeah right!
Here's Big Ears ... our first lamb ... a big surprise as we weren't expecting any for a few more weeks at least :o) And here's Cupid ... with Randy ... so named because ... well I'll let you figure that one out. Lets just say there may be more babies in Corbo soon.


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