16 January 2014

Home Sweet Home

A lady after my own heart.

I love being at home ... 

When I worked in an office I longed for weekends to potter about at home 

I'd much rather be at home than go away

I'm sure it's not just me and Jane 

Do you love staying at home too??


  1. Yes I too love being at home! I think some of us just have a built-in nesting thing. There's just no place like home...where we can be ourselves, safe and secure surrounded by our own families and our own stuff!

  2. What a fantastic quote! A lady after my heart also, love nothing more than pottering about my own home doing a whole pile of nothing!

  3. I love being at home too. Never bored there although I confess to procrastination when it comes to cleaning because I prefer puttering and projects.


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