4 November 2013

Baking afternoon

Nothing nicer than a coffee and cupcake treat in the afternoon.

I had a few cake sales to bake for recently so indulged in nearly a full day of baking.  I then froze a lot and have just been defrosting two or three each week.  Don't know why I didn't think of this sooner as normally I end up baking a whole batch of cupcakes and eating just one and giving all the rest away!  

I love laying everything out before I start.  I used to be really bad and just grab things out of the cupboard with floury hands and then three quarters way through the recipe realise that I was missing an essential ingredient!!  Now I lay everything out before I begin.


 What I'm not so keen on is the mess I seem to make and the few hours it takes to clean up !

 However once they come out of the oven it's all worthwhile

Especially when I get to sit back and enjoy one with a lovely cup of coffee :O)

The cupcakes I made here were blueberry ones and chocolate ones but I have to say they weren't amazing.  The chocolate cupcake recipe was very dry - does anyone have a nice recipe they would like to share?  The blueberry was ok, a little boring if I'm honest.  I like strong flavours - especially spices so next time i'll make cinnamon buns and I'm on the lookout for a nice carrot cake cupcake recipe too.


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