28 June 2013

Blog love

Every now and then I come across a blog that I just love and spend hours going through all their posts oooohing and ahhhing at all the images and this is one of those blogs.
It's called  Klimtbalan
I definitely recommend you take a visit, if like me, you love these sort of drawings/illustrations.
Have you come across any new blogs lately? 
Let me know as I'm a little sad to see that while I have been missing in action a lot of my blog list is completely out of date.  It seems so many blogs have stopped posting or have been deleted.  Have you found the same?  I do think Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter all have a lot to do with this as they are so much more instant but I have to say I still love a good old fashioned blog (but I am on all of them too!) :O)
What do you think? 


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