11 April 2013

Thank you to all the Daffodil Knitters

Just a quickie to say a gargantuan 

T H A N K   Y O U 

to all the fabulous ladies who joined me and my mum in a marathon knitting session to knit up daffodils for Daffodil Day

Thank you to the ladies in my Thursday night & Friday morning Knitting groups - Mum, Phil, Kathleen, Mar, Maura, Christiana and Florence especially who knit bags of daffodils!  All the ladies who came to my Knit a Daffodil Night including Kathleen, Brid, Theresa and Phil from Kilteevan ICA who knit bunches of daffodils!!

You're all amazing because without your help and effort we wouldn't have raised so much.

The plan was to knit 100 daffodils and sell them for 5 euro each, all of which would go to Irish Cancer Society.

I am totally thrilled to say that we raised a whopping

730.00 euro

Not bad considering we did this in a matter of weeks.  

We're still knitting them at the cottage on Knit Night so next year we hope to double, maybe treble that amount!

Thank you again to everyone who knit and donated daffodils and wool and to all the people who sold the daffodils, especially my mum who really did most of the selling.

Unfortunately due to the terrible weather on Daffodil Day funds were very low so you can donate directly to the Irish Cancer Society via their website

I am still selling the pattern on my site which you can purchase and knit your own daffodils.  1 euro from each sale will go to Irish Cancer Society.  If knitting isn't your thing you can buy a completed Daffodil for 10 euro, again 1 euro from each one sold will go to the Irish Cancer Society. 

Keeeeep Stitching!!

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