11 February 2013

Perfect Flippin Pancakes

Fear not!  I know there are some of you googling away and panicking wondering how on earth to make pancakes!  How do I know this?  Well, I've had a few calls and texts asking just this :O)  Yep, I'm serious.

So here you go

It couldn't be simpler, really, trust me!

All you need is 

1 cup of self raising flour

1 egg

1 cup of milk

1/8 cup of sugar

Cute heart shaped dishes are not essential ... but they do make it more enjoyable :O)

If you don't have any just use a normal cup.  You basically want the same amount of flour as milk and then just a couple of tablespoons of sugar and 1 egg.

Okay let's get to it. 

Mix the flour and sugar in a bowl or jug (notice the bowl I am using has a lip, this makes it easier (in other words less messy) when adding to the pan.  Top Tip :O) 

Add the beaten egg to the dry ingredients and then mix in the milk.

At this stage I find it easier to use a whisk, but a fork is just fine. 

When the mixture is ready set aside for about half an hour before cooking the pancakes.

To cook, place a frying pan on heat with a knob of butter.  Pour in some of the mixture to make your first pancake.  How do you like your pancakes?  Fat and fluffy?  Well add quite a lot of mixture.  Or, if you're more of a crepe lover, thin and whispy, pour a small amount of batter in the pan.   

Once the mixture starts to show air bubbles, as in the picture, it's ready to flip!

Oh yeah ... it's flippin time!

If you're not quite ready for flipping you can use a fish slice :O) 

So ... that's it.

How you serve or eat is up to you.

I like mine plain and simple with sugar and lemon but if you google "pancake fillings" there are a gazillion options out there. 

As it's coming close to Valentines Day I've added a little sugar heart to mine

Using a coffee stencil I sieved icing sugar on top of my pancake

There you go.

I told you it was easy!

Let me know how you get on and tell me how you like yours.

Happy Flippin Pancake Day peeps!!

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  1. i will print your beautiful piccy out so i always remember~ have to admit most years my mother makes them for us with lashing of sugar, treacle n banana ;0)x


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