11 July 2012

Doughnut muffins mmmmmm

Still not feeling any better but I decided to do a bit of baking yesterday. I'm sure I pinned a similar recipe at some point on pinterest but this one is from here

It's a fan little book, I actually have two copies, both of which were given to me as prezzies. Imagine that, anyone would think I like baking.

The recipe is for doughnut muffins made with freshly grated nutmeg mmmm

Once they are baked they are brushed with melted butter and then dipped in caster sugar mixed with freshly grated nutmeg. Is your mouth watering?

Normally what I make looks nothing like the picture in the cookery book but these were pretty similar

Hope you're all having a fun filled fabulous week x

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  1. oh to have one of those yummies with my morning cup of coffee!


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