26 June 2012

Forgive me?

Hi all

Are you still there?  

Are you still reading?

I'm sorry ... yet again for being a bad blogger of late. 

Is it just me or are the days just not long enough?

I have to say I have been doing a lot of pondering, thinking, soul searching (hmm that might be a bit heavy) about my little blog since my last post regarding the blog awards.

As soon as I hit 'post' I felt "I'm not worthy".

I am struggling to find the time to pin, tweet, post, like, follow etc etc and starting to suffer badly with a #smoverdose (social media overdose).  

I have become engulfed in the world of micro blogging but forgetting about where it all started  .... this blog. What a fickle person am I ?  Seriously!  I'm already eagerly awaiting the "new thing" - what on earth is going to come that is better than all the other sites I spend hours of my days oogling over?  

Well drum roll please ....

After copious amounts of this

and lots of slices of 

I have decided 

that ...

my blog is going to come first.

I must however (I feel I need to) explain for my sporadic posting.  

Aside from taking on other projects that have sucked away my time and ... OK! ...
my adulterous behaviour cavorting with other blogging sites (I'm sorry, please forgive me, you are my first and one true blog love) I ... this is going to be hard to hear but I need to be honest ... 
I was a little embarrassed by you for a little while.

Please don't be mad ... let me explain ...

When I started this blog I lived in New York.  I was in the middle of Manhattan in an apartment a few blocks up in the East Village.  What I'm trying to say is that I knew no-one, no-one knew me, I was anonymous.  Not that I was embarrassed or ashamed - the total opposite in fact.  I was embracing my crafty side and was happy for all to see/hear about it. 

But now 

Now I live in Roscommon, a small (yes Roscommon peeps it's small ... especially in comparison to NY) town in the middle of Ireland.  A lovely town, but a small town.  So small in fact that it is possible to overhear a conversation in a local cafe where two 'ladies' (take a deep breath and move on, leave the 'ladies' and do not replace with another word) are discussing this very blog and how hilarious it is and how they " "go into it just for a laugh and to have a nose at what she's up to".    I kid you not.   Let's just say that conversation hit a nerve, that conversation did upset me and as a result (and some other comments said direct to me) I have found it hard to blog and be honest I have sat and thought about who will be reading this, what will they think etc  

But ... like I said nearly 10 minutes ago (sorry are you still with me?) I'm moving on and sausages to those of you who just come 'for the nose'.   For the rest of you who genuinely visit to see my makes and bakes thank you so much for calling by and especially thank you to the lovely peeps who leave the most lovely comments.  They genuinely make my day.  

Have you forgiven me?

I hope so

I promise to be a better blogger and give you the attention you deserve xx


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