27 April 2012


I love mornings!

I am what they call "a morning person".

I quite often jump out of bed singing (ok maybe not 'singing') "how do you like your eggs in the morning, I like mine with a kiss".  Just the song itself makes me smile :O)

I don't understand how people can wake up grumpy or just not be a morning person.

Why do I love mornings?

  • I love the quietness
  • I love the stillness
  • I love the sun streaming in the window waking me up 
  • I love that perfectly snug comfortable feeling when you wake up and for a split second you have no worries and no cares whatsoever.  For that second time stands still
  • I love love love love love that when you get up early your world is totally uninterupted.  Most importantly your phone doesn't ring! 
Do you like mornings?


  1. Yes, I love mornings too! For all the same reasons as you. i always thought when my children were not at home I would sleep in but I find myself getting up even earlier!

  2. I am def an early to bed, early to rise type of person - just like my parents!!



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