4 December 2010

Working 9 to 5 - yeah right!

Working 9 - 5 ... those were the days!

As I sat sewing my little owls last night I swore I would not log on today but then I realised I had to as I don't think I let you all know about the craft fair I'm doing tomorrow (power of positive thinking I am, I will, the weather will be fine!!).  I've been a busy busy bee and it's just as well college was closed this week as it wouldn't have all got done in time!

Burning the midnight oil in my craft room

Frantically sewing and stuffing and labeling getting ready for the

tomorrow - 12-5.00 pm in the Cafe, Main Street, Roscommon

Fingers crossed the roads will be ok and

a) I will get there and

b) people will come !!

Otherwise all my family will be getting owl doorstopsdoggie draught excluders, peg doll fairies, embellished berets, tote bags, Christmas stockings, bath bombs, mulled wine sachets, hair clips and corsages for Christmas :O)

Hope to see some of you there!

Keep warm and safe if you're driving!!

M x


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