4 October 2010

My tv appearance on Four Live

Sorry to all my blog fans for lack of posts! Facebook has been getting more updates simply because it's quicker and I've had a lot on over the last week!

My appearance on Four Live went really well. Thank you so much, I've had so many lovely emails and messages and calls about it and better still I'll be on again next week.

If you missed it, and are based in Ireland (I've had a few friends overseas say they can't access it), you can see the clip here.  It's only available for another 17 days though.

The piece was approx 6 minutes long and it was on Ten things to do with a Tank Top.  I added ruffles, applique, corsages and rubber stamping to some and even made a bag and necklace out of two!  Basic instructions can be found here but I'm hoping to have full tutorials on the blog over the next few weeks.

This is me showing Maura (the presenter of the show) how to do rubber stamping on fabric.  

This is me showing her how to make a basic ruffle.

The same technique is used to make a corsage.

and this is when Maura put her hand in the ink and I thought "OMG, this could only happen to me!!"  I nearly died but luckily she didn't get it on her lovely pink top - phew!

Well that's all for now folks.  I don't think there will be much more posts this week as I'm off to Dublin with college and back on your screens this Thursday at 4 on Four Live again. 


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