2 July 2010

Lucky me!

Sorry again for the lack of posting but there's been lots going on.  I've been busy organising framers and sourcing paper for some prints and I've got a stinking chest infection that just won't budge :o(

Apart from that I've been really lucky with Facebook giveaways.

I won all these lovely bits from Fine & Dandy's facebook page ...

These from Abakhan's page ...

and yesterday I won tickets to Ladies Day at the races! 

I might just get a lottery ticket for the weekend :o)

I've got some lovely bits and pieces from the start of the sales too , just don't know where I'll find time to photograph and post about them all though.  I'll try and squeeze it in soon, promise.

Anyone seen this month's House & Home yet?  I keep checking when I pop into Tescos - last month's has been removed so surely it will be out soon??  They're featuring my deck chair makeover so I can't wait to see how it looks.


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