8 June 2010


What a lovely bank holiday weekend ... well apart from Monday when it rained.  Prior to that it was lovely and sunny.  Hard to imagine as it's been raining since.  Not that I mind, I'm one of those odd people that likes the rain ... I know shock horror. 

Whilst it was actually sunny I made the most of it and pottered in the garden.  It got a little too hot on Saturday though so I made myself a sort of tent (?) using two voile curtains and my washing line.  The only problem was that Ruby kept pulling the stakes out ...

It was the perect place to catch up on my magazines and sketch some new ideas and of course have a spot of alfresco lunch.   Nothing like some fresh bruschetta mmmmm

Just aswell it wasn't too sunny all weekend or I would have got nothing done.  Inspired by the garden I made some rosey bunting.

Then whilst doing the ironing I looked at this skirt and thought... hmm it needs something

You guessed it .....

I just need the sun to come out now so I can wear it.  

I think I may be having a bit of a bunting overdose as I spent all day making bunting Father's Day Cards with kids in school today!! 


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