2 June 2010

Birthday wish list

Do you ever have one of those days where you have a list of things to do, you get up early and you think this is the day I do every single thing on that list but you end up doing zilch on the list?  Well that's been my day.

However, I had a nice surprise.  A friend called round with an early birthday prezzi for me.  It's sitting in my front room as I type and I'm telling you it's calling out to me !!! 

I'm such a child when it comes to my birthday, however, the older I get the less presents arrive :o(  boooo hoooo poor me.  Not really, I have way too much as it is .... but then I stumbled across Avoca's new website here and am now lusting after lots of things including these ..

A button rain coat and wellies - how adorable !!!
Right - time to shut down and get down to some sewing. 
Oh but Britains Got Talent is on ...
Sewing tomorrow :o) 


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