24 March 2010


Can you imagine what Ryanair would charge if I turned up with this lot !?!

I am here getting lost in blog land avoiding one of my pet hates .... packing

It never used to be so tedious, that is until Ryanair became so tedious.  

I am trying to work out what I will fit in my newly purchased micro mini case (no photo as I'm not quite sure you would even see it it's that small) and still meet the cabin baggage requirements 55 x 40 x 20cm (max 10g).  Bearing in mind the case, the lightest I could find, weighs 2.8kgs so at a guess I can probably pack one pair of jeans and my tooth brush!! 

If it weren't for Knock being so close to me I'm pretty sure I wouldn't fly with Ryanair as it's so stressful just thinking about the whole process of being pushed and shoved by such incredibly rude staff.  I know they have a hard time too but I have only ever come across one that was helpful and efficient in all the years I have tra.

On a  more positive note the reason for my packing is that I am off to London.  To say I am excited is an understatement!  College has been full on for the past few weeks so I am so looking forward to the break and catching up with friends.  Of course I am also really looking forward to ..............

The Country Living Spring Fair!

I've spent years buying the magazine and always saying I'll go to the fair but never quite making it, except for this year!

I'm really looking forward to seeing all the lovely exhibitors (just look at the list here) and it will be so nice visiting a fair and not being the one all stressed preparing for it for a change. Hopefully the stress of Ryanair will have eased off by Saturday!

I'll be back next week to tell you all about it.

Have a lovely weekend everyone!

Michelle x


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