12 March 2010

The love affair continues ...

 Sorry it's been so long.  

I would love to say I've been shopping all this time but alas not.  I'm back at college and this term is pretty full on (totall understatement) so between that and a trip to the dentist (two fillings - ouch!) and doctor (sinuses getting worse despite the op this time last year) the sun coming out and making me spend more time outside than in and general day to day stuff I've taken an unplanned mini blog break.   But I'm back ... for now.

I didn't shop too much last week but I did get a few things - I'll show you them over the weekend.  I've also got to share my lovely charity shop finds from weeks ago and my latest crafty makes and makeovers!!  In the meantime here are a few shots of the kitchen.  There's still bits to be done but I know you're all keen to see it.  Thanks so much for all the lovely comments in the meantime.

So here goes, just some pics taken from just about every angle possible :o)

The heart and bird hanging on the window are tea light holders from Town & Country.  The polka dot teapot & white tray are from Tesco. The No Smoking & Cafe signs were gifts from my mum.

I wonder how long that space under the sink will remain so clean and clutter free!!

I love my plate rack - do you know how long I have wanted one of these - like forever !!!   My heart print plates take pride of place - my lovely Auntie Pauline bought them for me a few years ago from TK Maxx.  The other ones with the green trm  I bought in a boot sale.  The large polka dot plate at the back is from Carraig Donn

The polka dot jug with all my cooking utensils is from Vobe Interiors, same place I got the lovely floral tins (on the window ledge above). The blue polka dot breadbin in the back ground was bought a couple of years ago in Laura Ashley and the grey damask lamp was from Heatons. The egg holder is from Town & Country (link above).  The drawer unit in the background was free!!  It was left in the field after a boot sale so my aunt and I picked it up and gave it a home :o) I love it - everytime I look at it I imagine that day and being so mortified at taking it but at the same time so excited. 

I have conveniently on purpose not included the right hand side of the kitchen.  I'm waiting for the carpenter to come back and build me some benches and put some shelves up ... so maybe in a month or two (this is Ireland) I will be able to share them with you.

So there you go the affair continues ... like all affairs though I'm now 'comfortable' with my kitchen and don't get all excited everytime I walk in the door and think how lucky I am ... I now think how lucky that kitchen is to have moved into my home and be taken care of and fussed over so much :o) 

Hope you're all having a lovely weekend and thank you again sooo much for all the lovely comments.   x

Paint used on kitchen - B&Q Colourways - Antique Grey


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