8 February 2009

The sun is shining, where's the snow?

This was supposed to be posted last night but unfortunatley I lost my connection whilst uploading the pictures and by that stage I gave up and resorted to a night in front of the fire with my knitting and a hot chocolate :o)

The sun is shining today and beaming through the house, it's just gorgeous. Randy is certainly enjoying it ...

and I've got my washing out on the line. Look at this beautiful blue sky.

It feels like a summers day, apart from the fact that it's still actually very cold, but that hasn't put me off. It's like one of those days when on a weekend break you sit in a plaza drinking coffee and eating croissants watching the world go by so I decided I can't exactly do that at the moment so I compromised and had coffee and croissants alfresco ...

Ok after the first croissant I was freezing and had to move inside but it wasn't that bad. The sun was beaming down which made it warm ... ish. Am I taking this positive thinking a bit too far?

Well apart from all that here are some of my recent makes over the last couple of evenings.

It started with this. I decided my plain cream cushions were, well exactly that, a bit plain so I added a little cupcake.

Nothing like a cupcake to brighten things up.

Now that I'm back to putting washing on the line I had to buy new pegs and with that I needed a peg bag so here's one I made (very quickly) out of another 50c bargain buy from the charity shop. I spray painted the hanger and stamped it with 'pegs' and voila ...

Finally, as I'm in the valentines mood, I found some scraps of heart fabric from a top I made a few years ago, which I can't find anywhere :o( and sewed some together and made a little scarf.

Then with some other heart print material I made a new hot water bottle cover

Hope you're all having a lovely weekend x


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