12 January 2009

Never too old for soldiers

Thank you everyone for my cards and gifts and good wishes - you've all been fab. I've got the best friends ever :o) The op went fine, I'm not in any pain just very blocked up and very tired.

So glad to be out of hospital and home in my little comfy cottage though :o) My appetite hasn't returned yet (not complaining though as I could do without food for a while lol) so I thought I'd set the table and make it all 'nice' for breakfast. I had a boiled egg and soldiers with all my polka dot cups and plates etc. No idea what it tasted like but it looked nice :o)

I've decided you're never too old for soldiers :o)

Apart from that I'm catching up on lots of reading and loving this months' Sew Hip in particular. I've also started a few knitting projects, more about them later and have been planning some 'spring makes' in order to get my Etsy shop up and running.

To help me on my way I've put together a 2009 goals board with all the things I want to do, places to go etc. Just having it there in front of me helps - honestly :o) (and it's a great way to use up all those magazines you have lying around!)


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