22 June 2008

Inspiring ....

I thought I'd share with you some of the things that inspire me to be so crafty. So here is the first and probably biggest inspiration for me ...

Magazines !!

Those that know me know that I have a bit of a magazine addiction! Not just crafty mags but home mags, fashion, cooking, gardening, computer mags ... you name it and I've probably got at least one edition! My favs have to be Quick and Crafty, Country Living, Simply Knitting, Crafts Beautiful and Eve. Obviously I buy several others too :0)

I love nothing more than saving my magazine for the weekend and curling up on my favourite chair in my kitchen with a fresh cup of coffee and a good cd in the background.

Today I did just that. I bought this months Quick and Crafty a few weeks ago in London and have been saving it for a day like today. It's been lashing rain the whole day and the wind has been howling (a typical Irish summer) so when I got up this morning I made some fresh coffee and a toasted bagel and curled up in my chair with Randy on my lap and got lost for a few hours listening to one of my fav cds of the moment, Boys & Girls.

Of course, as always after reading a magazine, I was then buzzing with ideas and inspiration so I've spend the entire day catching up on craft projects .. see posts below.


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