22 June 2008

Cupcakes and sprinkles

How cute are these!!

I can say that without being vain as the pattern I found online (http://littlecottonrabbits.typepad.co.uk/free_knitting_patterns/2007/06/knitted_cupcake.html)and just couldn't resist. I've been knitting them on the train to work every morning this week and just finished them off with some sprinkles, aka beads, a few minutes ago. I just LOVE them :o) They were so easy to make and really fun too as I had lots of people asking what I was doing on the train. I had loads of comments like "God I haven't knitted since I was in national school" and "I might root out my needles when I get home and start knitting again" which was nice.

Don't forget ... come September I'll be running some knitting workshops so if you're interested keep an eye on my blog!! Alternatively email me at michelle.fallon@hotmail.com

I'm off to make more cupcakes now!!


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